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Seafood Cellar Restaurant

Sticks to down-to-earth cuisine. We follow the mainstays and enjoy the Icelandic moors, pastures, rivers and lakes, including the sea all around us.

One of 66 Best Restaurant in The World

In the opinion of Condé Nast Traveler, The Cellar is one of the 66 best new restaurants in the world. Since the issue of the magazine is selected 66 new restaurants and the list in the list is justified and the advantages of the restaurants ten times. by clicking here you can view the list as a whole .

This recognition fills the Antique Cellar staff proudly, but it puts them under even more high esteem and even higher demands for doing better and better. From the beginning, the position has received good reception and for that we are very grateful.

Staff Picks

Orange Juice

Boiled Crab

Pan-Seared Salmon

Featured CHEF

Steinn Óskar Sigurðsson from The Cellar

 The sea cellar congratulates Steini on this remarkable achievement. It should be noted that Lárus Gunnar Jónasson also won the competition in 2004 and the Sea Cellar is particularly proud of his staff

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