​Kebab Shop Owner Who Feeds Homeless Says He Has Been Asked To Stop Over Fears Of Anti-Social Behaviour

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A kebab shop owner in New Zealand has been giving back to his local community by dishing out free food, but was surprised to find out that not everything thinks his generosity has been a good idea.

Zuhaib Abbas Bangash – who runs Glen Eden Kebab in Glenmall, Auckland – has recently been giving out free meals on Sunday afternoons, hoping to help out the homeless by ‘doing a good thing’.

Glen Eden Kebab. Credit: Glen Eden Kebab Shop/Facebook
Glen Eden Kebab. Credit: Glen Eden Kebab Shop/Facebook

However, since he started the initiative on 3 November, Bangash has said he’s been asked to stop by the area’s business association, over concerns that it could lead to anti-social behaviour.

According to Bangash, the Glen Eden Business Assocation said they had ‘showed concerns’ over his project, which sees him dish up free food for an hour from 5.30pm.

Credit: Glen Eden Kebab/Facebook
Credit: Glen Eden Kebab/Facebook

Speaking to Stuff, he said: “They said they were not happy with what I was doing. They said all the homeless will come here and other businesses will go down.”

Bangash started offering free food to homeless people earlier this month, and started promoting the idea on social media.

He explained that last Sunday, 23 people turned up at his kebab shop to make use of the complimentary meals – and that he has no plans to nip it in the bud, despite what he’s apparently been told.

Bangash continued: “I am doing a good thing. I’ve already promised I would do it, I can’t stop now.”

Credit: Glen Eden Kebab/Facebook
Credit: Glen Eden Kebab/Facebook

Bangash moved to New Zealand eight years ago after fleeing Pakistan when his district came under the control of the Taliban.

Sadly, his wife died three months before he escaped the country, leaving him as the single parent of five children – who joined him in New Zealand a year after he sought asylum in the country.

While this is the first time the shop owner has officially offered out food to the homeless, in the two years he’s had the shop, he said he’s never turned anyone away if they’ve asked for something to eat.

Bangash, who came to New Zealand with just NZD$20, said: “They are not bad people, I know they have a bad reputation, but they just want to eat. They need food, I have food – this is $600 from my own pocket every week.

“Why am I being told to stop? I know they leave here very happy.”

LADbible has contacted Gleneden Village Business Assocation for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Glen Eden Kebab/Facebook

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