A Needed Blog In These Uncertain Times

A Needed Blog In These Uncertain Times

I’d love to see Un-Deadspin’s take on this piece: When sports start back, let the women go first

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to mitigate the damage the coronavirus will have on the women’s sports world. Most of my concocted solutions have been radical. I’ve envisioned a universe full of wealth redistribution; dreamed of starting from scratch and rebuilding the sports-entertainment complex from the ground up; wished for a new world order, one where women’s sports get just as much government handouts as their male counterparts.

But I keep coming back to one thing: In the pre-coronavirus world, men’s sports got decades worth of head starts over women’s sports. What if, in a post-coronavirus world, we reverse that order?

Don’t worry, I’m not proposing decades without men’s sports. I’m proposing, like, a month. A month where the billions of fans and television networks and sponsors and advertisers who are all completely starved for live sports of any kind only have the option of watching women’s sports.

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I can feel my blood pressure lowering just glancing at this initial run of stupid jokes and ms paint images. cannot wait for a jamboree.

this week will be better than the others, even if it is not good
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DeadspinIs a Bad Website

Epic pandemic is the best/worst time to attempt a comeback ever. Especially since they chose to double down on the sports-only coverage.
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YES. This is great news!

I have been following the news from the LG Twins (KBO, South Korea’s Pro baseball league) and it sounds like their season will be starting soon. If I can’t cheer on my MN Twins, I’ll cheer on the other Twins around the world.
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> Especially since they chose to double down on the sports-only coverage.

The weird thing is, they don’t seem to have actually done that? As the article points out, a number of these articles could have appeared on real Deadspin, they just probably would have been written/edited better, and not by scabs. It really does seem like the herb had a specific issue/specific issues with the existing staff (or maybe just Petchesky and Greenwell?) and decided to force them out and then try to keep doing the same thing Deadspin has always done. The most generous read is that Spanfeller thought the other writers would be too scared to just leave, so it would be safe to force out Barry and Megan. Still idiotic, but at least there’s a germ of just standard capitalist asshole thinking, rather than “We bought a good thing and burned it to the ground just to feel something.”

I dunno. I’ve spent probably too much time thinking about this. I miss Deadspin.
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The anti-herb (or at least post-herb) sportsblog, now brought to you by a much cooler herb. The irony is delicious.
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The one outdoor sport I can think of that’s managing to somewhat thrive under lockdown is motor racing.

Well, along those lines, pretty much all the sports large enough to have their video games are doing this. Practically every soccer team in the world is having FIFA tournaments. In the MLS, there were already an eSport member on every team, so setting up the current tournament with both actual/eSport player tracks was pretty easy.

Also, the best part of FIFA/The Show/NBA2kX/Madden is that you don’t need the expensive I-Racing setup so everyone could do it right away.
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Also, the best part of FIFA/The Show/NBA2kX/Madden is that you don’t need the expensive I-Racing setup so everyone could do it right away.

If a person wants to play a racing game, they don’t need the expensive setup, either. It boils down to how much more realism you want as a player. That wasn’t my point. My point was that for people who like to WATCH sports, it is entertaining to see professional racers sitting in a living room cockpit come as close as they can get to live racing, and racing against professional e-sports drivers who race in their living rooms for a living, as well as against celebrities (golfers, footballers, etc.) who are joining in the fun. Even with shenanigans, this comes closest to the sport versus watching an NBA player sitting on his couch with a dual stick controller.
posted by linux at 11: 50 AM on April 20

Oooh, the NFL draft is this week, and if we can get a Jamboroo out of this, I’ll be ecstatic.

And yes, VichySpin is a terrible, terrible website. I stopped by once, out of morbid curiosity. Dull clickbaity headlines, uninteresting writing, and no comments. It’s the site proper Deadspin used to make fun of, soulless takes for the sake of takes, sports written about divorced of any greater connection to the world. And it seems Spanfeller is continuing his great work of gutting what’s left of GMG, with more layoffs, while the executives have taken a largely meaningless 10% paycut. Fucking herb.
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