Canned sardines: a great source of vitamins and calcium

Canned sardines: a great source of vitamins and calcium. Although we do not always think that canned and the prefabricated food are the best, the truth is that preserved fish is, as it has many beneficial properties for humans, especially for children, young and pregnant.

Canned sardines: a great source of vitamins and calcium. Although most of the time we insist on the need to eat fresh food , prepared by us, avoiding latillas and prefabricated food precisely because many times the oil in which it is stored is not 100% olive and is reduced by one of the seeds, in addition to the amount of salt they have so they can be preserved much better, in the case of canned sardines , are more than recommended by specialists, as well as by reports of the OCU. The high nutritional value of this canned fish makes it one of the most beneficial to our health.

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In recent years we have been warning of the alarming number of obese children that exist in our country, and not only in this as an exception, but in the vast majority of developed countries, the same situation is occurring.

A balanced diet, in which fruits and vegetables are paramount in the meals of all of us without forgetting, of course, the legumes that have innumerable benefits such as lentils, beans or chickpeas, meat or fish.

With the latter, special care must be taken, especially as a result of the parasite called anisakis, which is causing many stomach problems and of a much more serious nature in those who are infected by it.

The importance of what we eat is also of great importance to our children, who will eat what they see us eat.

The latest news about, for example, school canteens, where the food is usually varied, is that for economic reasons and facilities for families are going to be these same who provide their children with their own food to eat in the dining room school.

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Given this, we often ask ourselves, what do we feed them? Well, for one of the days you should not miss together, for example, an Ensalada: a can of sardines.

What are the benefits of canned sardines?

  • They are rich in phosphorus.
  • They have a lot of vitamin D.
  • It is one of the foods with the most vitamin B12.
  • It is a low sugar food.
  • Rich in vitamin B3.
  • Rich in iodine.
  • It provides a large number of proteins.
  • It is one of the foods that have more calcium.
  • It also contains: iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin K, vitamin E, sodium, magnesium, vitamin B5, B6 and B7.
  • Recommended to develop the musculature.
  • Especially beneficial for children, young people and pregnant women since it is when this nutrient is most needed.
  • When it contains a lot of calcium, it is good for the bones.
  • Helps strengthen hair, nails, skin and process carbohydrates.

According to all its characteristics more than beneficial for anyone, what are you waiting for to prepare a quick and healthy dinner for the whole family simply by opening a can of canned food?


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