Diet with seaweed wakame: What is it?

Diets that include algae are fashionable, depurative and have hundreds of properties for the body. Do you know the diet with wakame seaweed? Discover what it consists of and its benefits.

The bottom of the sea hides wonders and some of them in the form of seaweed. In recent years, healthy lifestyle has become fashionable algae diets with many benefits such as losing weight, as a vitamin or antioxidant substance. In cosmetics, they are also used because of their high regenerative capacity in the skin. The wakame seaweed is one of the best known for all the benefits it brings to the whole body. Discover them!

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Like many algae, the wakame is native to the waters of Japan. Its mild flavor is perfect if you want to start the diet of seaweed because at first, you will not notice much difference, it will seem another vegetable. It is true that when you start, eating algae causes certain reluctance. But then you will get hooked on them. In the West, spirulina and chlorella are also widely used.

Among its most known benefits is its great slimming power, since it does not provide a gram of fat and its contribution to iodine stimulates the thyroid, responsible among other things, the metabolism. It also helps intestinal transit and its high satiating capacity make it ideal for diets.

Circulatory system
It is depurative and cleans the blood.

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Its high calcium content makes it perfect to combat osteoporosis and also to prevent it at children ages and especially during menopause.

Given all the minerals it contains, it is an excellent natural revitalizer. It is widely used in athletes’ diets to help regenerate the body after the great physical effort. The iron and potassium are some of the minerals, so it is very beneficial also to prevent or combat anemia iron deficiency.

It has a great power of cell regeneration and helps the body to remain unaltered against infectious agents. The Vitamins A, C, and B1, B2 and B3 are some containing a greater amount. This high index of B vitamins makes it perfect for anxious or depressive states.


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