Fish in the Christmas dinner, a delicious and healthy option

If you and your family want to put aside the typical Christmas turkey and try something new at the Christmas Eve dinner, if you just want to surprise your loved ones, a good and healthy option is fish.

According to experts, this is one of the perfect foods to consume on this special date, because our body does not take long to digest it.

With regard to other types of meat, fish only takes between half an hour to digest in the body, which helps to prevent digestive problems due to excessive consumption of food.

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However, to digest the chicken requires 2 hours, for the turkey more than 2 and the pig for more than 4 hours.

The nutritionist D’Janira Paucar points out that “while baking baked fish can take up to 15 minutes per kilo, turkey and pork take time to bake up to 1 hour per kilo”, which would save energy consumption due to the short time cooking.

It should be noted that fish is one of the healthiest meat products that exists according to specialists because it contains protein, calcium, vitamins, and iron.

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In addition, it has natural vegetable oils such as omega 3 that contributes to the development of children’s intelligence, helps maintain a good memory, seeks to prevent obesity and heart diseases, among other benefits to our health.

Another good reason to opt for fish for the Christmas dinner is that at these dates, the price of turkey, chicken or pork, increases due to its high demand, however, the fish goes down in price.


* Fish is one of the perfect foods to consume during the night because our body does not delay in digesting it completely, according to experts.

* In addition, the preparation of this food saves energy consumption because cooking baked fish can only take up to 15 minutes per kilo.


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