Herring: Ally of bones, memory and heart

Herring: Ally of bones, memory, and heart. It is one of the bluefish that gives us more vitamin D and B12, while it is an extraordinary source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Herring hides many interesting benefits for our health, a blue fish that should not be missing from our diet.

Herring: Ally of bones, memory, and heart. Did you know that herring is one of the best sources of vitamin D and vitamin B12? It is just one of the properties of this bluefish, one of which contains the highest proportion of Omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy, nutritious and versatile, because herring can be prepared in many ways. And if these were not enough reasons to include it in the diet, herring is considered an effective protective shield against certain types of cancer.

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The bluefish report us interesting health benefits. And among them, we are going to pay attention this time to herring, an excellent marine source of vitamin D and, next to the mussels, vitamin B12. These vitamins are directly related to the health of our bones and our memory. And it is precisely here where we find two of its properties, because herring, because of its vitamin D content, helps to improve the use of calcium -an essential mineral in a healthy, varied and balanced diet-, which helps strengthen bones. It should be noted that herring is one of the foods with the highest content. As proof of this, a herring provides the necessary dose of vitamin D a day, which is also necessary to prevent muscle weakness and relieve chronic pain.

For its part, vitamin B12 is a rejuvenator for our memory, which we must keep active and protected through proper nutrition. In fact, the lack of this vitamin can cause memory loss, disorientation, discouragement, changes in mood and irritability.

There are more reasons to include herring in our diet. Thus, it is one of the fish with the highest proportion of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential to keep the brain healthy and the circulatory system in perfect condition.

Herring is also appreciated for its content of vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid, three nutrients that reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Likewise, protective effects against breast and colon cancer are also attributed to it. In this case, the advice is to accompany it with a garnish rich in fiber, based on vegetables or whole grains.

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How to prepare it
The herring take care of our health and our family budget since it can be purchased at a cheaper price than other fish such as tuna or salmon. In what can also compete the herring is in the multitude of presentations that it admits. It can be smoked, pickled, cured or pickled.

In the case of having a delicate heart, you can add chopped herring to an endive or escarole salad and sprinkle some pipes over it. If we have problems with liquid retention, to compensate for its contribution in salt, it is best to prepare the herring in the most traditional way, in the escalibada, with potatoes and chives, with wholemeal porridge. Also, the herring is a good option to include in the vegetarian diet, for its interesting vitamin intake.


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