How many calories does a kebab have?

It may be surprising, but the kebab, the best-known sandwich of Turkish cuisine, can be an authentic calorie bomb. Everything depends, logically, on the ingredients, but if we want to treat ourselves to a culinary whim it is convenient to consider how many calories a kebab has and how we can substitute some of the ingredients to get a less caloric bite.

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Made with lamb or beef and lots of salad. It is the recipe of the kebab, the traditional Turkish sandwiches to which, in addition, a sauce is added. In addition to the indicated meats, other more western recipes have been introducing varieties, with chicken and, even, with fish. But how many calories does a kebab have? The same question was asked several years ago in the United Kingdom, where after analyzing more than 400 samples of kebab that are dispersed throughout its territory, concluded that it is a more caloric food than expected, even more than a hamburger. And it’s the kebab has an average of 1,000 calories(for every 300 grams), half of the calories that a woman should eat following a healthy, varied and balanced diet. That is, the kebab can be converted into a calorie bomb for any diet, so it should be taken occasionally and can be accompanied by a salad instead of a plate of chips. And as for the drink, better combine it with water instead of soft drinks or sugary drinks.

Thus, for example, the best known, the doner kebab, contains in a serving the amount of salt recommended per day for a person, in addition to a high level of saturated fats (up to 150% of the daily saturated fats that should be taken).

Homemade kebab

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If we want to enjoy the flavor of the kebab without adding so many calories, the best option is to prepare it directly at home, choosing the ingredients well. Thus, we can prepare a kebab with less fat and calories if we opt for these ingredients: beef, onions, tomatoes, garlic, green peppers, olive oil, tomato sauce, lemon juice, mustard, and paprika. For its preparation, we first mix the garlic, oil, lemon juice, tomato sauce, mustard, and seasonings. With this mixture, we marinate the meat for two hours in the fridge. Cut the tomato, pepper, and onion in the data, and after removing the meat, we alternately place it on skewers with vegetables, to grill or grilled. It can be accompanied with a bowl of brown rice.


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