Processed meat: Less than 20 grams per day. It is the recommendation of nutrition specialists of the amount that we must include in our diet of processed meat, that is, sausages, sausages or meals prepared with meats as ingredients (lasagna, cannelloni). It is not about prohibiting, but about moderating consumption.

Processed meat: Less than 20 grams per day. It is the amount recommended by specialists to make sure we do not unbalance our diet or our health. And is that processed meat (sausages, bacon, prepared food that includes meat, such as meatballs or lasagna) is not always a good ally of the diet, for its higher content of salt, fatty acids, and cholesterol. When we speak of processed meat we refer to meat that is not fresh and in which preservatives have been used.

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It is not a question of prohibiting, but of moderating its consumption , not only because we are dealing with a food richer in fat and salt , but because precisely its greater presence in the diet is usually related to a less balanced diet and other unhealthy habits, for example, eating little fruit and vegetables or the habit of smoking. The recommendation of the specialists is not to exceed 20 grams a day of processed meat (sausages, hamburgers, sausages).

Types of meat
Logically, we must distinguish between types of meat, because among what are considered prepared meats could also include ham, a food endorsed by its health benefits. Especially, if we talk about the acorn ham, which, among other characteristics, contains vegetable fats (polyunsaturated), which exert a protective effect on the heart.

Another example, hamburgers, a food that, especially to the smallest, usually likes a lot. It is not the same as a homemade hamburger, made with meat that has been chopped at the time, that are sold already prepared and containing, among others, nitrites (to ensure their conservation).

If we talk about veal, do we take too much red meat? The truth is that, according to the data of experts in nutrition and food , yes, because in our country we far exceed the 70 grams a day of red meat that is recommended (250 grams/day), that is, half consumed almost four times more red meat than would be advisable in a healthy and balanced diet. And it is not about prohibiting its consumption because red meat also has benefits, such as being an interesting source of proteins and minerals such as iron or zinc.

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It is not the first time that processed meat has been in the spotlight. In our country, the health authorities reduced the amount of salt that is incorporated into these processed foods , and an international study (European Prospective Research on Cancer and Nutrition, EPIC, developed in more than twenty hospital centers in a dozen European countries, including Spain) has pointed out that eating too much-processed meat can make us more vulnerable to health problems (obesity, cardiovascular risk) and premature death.

Moderation is, therefore, key in nutrition, which plays an essential role in the care of our health. A healthy and varied diet should be based on a moderate consumption of food from all the groups of the food pyramid.