Red cabbage: Nutrients of therapeutic value

Red cabbage: Nutrients of therapeutic value. Behind its characteristic color hides an extraordinary source of resveratrol, a powerful ally against aging. In addition, we are facing a vegetable considered a natural anticancer and an ally to improve fertility.

Red cabbage: Nutrients of therapeutic value. Behind its characteristic color, cabbage of Lombardy is an extraordinary source of resveratrol, an ally to delay the effects of aging, as well as two other extraordinary antioxidants, selenium, and vitamin E. Raw, red cabbage is a potent anticancer naturally. And they are not the only nutritious and healthy arguments to include this food in our diet, especially when temperatures rise. Take note of its multiple benefits.

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The red cabbage is one of those foods to which we do not always pay all the attention and we do not give it the prominence that it deserves in the kitchen. The red cabbage, and the pigment that dyes its leaves, not only have decorative purposes but nutritious and healthy. It is a safe contribution of resveratrol, an ally against the effects of aging, and a shield against cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative and those that occur with inflammation, such as arthritis.

As part of our diet, for example in salads, cabbage gives us nutrients therapeutic value, including antioxidants as appreciated as are selenium and vitamin E . These two nutrients can also be found in other foods such as nuts or seeds, although cabbage is a cheaper food.

Generally, cabbage is consumed raw (it can also be found in canned foods, although the price is higher), and this allows us to make the most of a nutrient that is also highly valued, glucosinolates, a natural anticancer. Different studies have endorsed that the consumption of cabbages on a regular basis helps reduce the risks of lung cancer, breast, skin, stomach and colon cancer.

The list of reasons why the red cabbage should be part of a healthy, varied and balanced diet does not end here. It should also be remembered that fruits, vegetables, and vegetables occupy a privileged place in a healthy diet (five pieces a day). The red cabbage will not only help us keep our diet balanced, but also invest in health, especially in the hottest months when we look for fresher dishes. The red cabbage is a good substitute for other vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli, more present in winter recipes.

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Another benefit that is attributed to this food is its satiety and laxative capacity. Thanks to its soluble fiber content, cabbage increases the sensation of gastric fullness, reducing the absorption of carbohydrates and fats and accelerating the intestinal rhythm.

Improves fertility
One of the unknown benefits of cabbage is that we can include it in the list of foods that help improve fertility. The answer lies in its content of selenium and zinc. Not only does it improve male fertility, but also female fertility, so if you are thinking of being a mother, do not forget to include it in your diet. Thanks to its folic acid content, this vegetable increases the reproductive capacity of women and helps prevent malformations in the fetus.


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