The best fish and seafood restaurants to enjoy during Easter

To receive Easter, some of the most exquisite culinary experiences of the gastronomic circuit of Buenos Aires. Guía Óleo presents proposals for Japanese and Peruvian food

In Holy Week, nothing better than enjoying the best restaurants that offer unique gastronomic experiences based on fish and seafood with a fusion air, accompanied by cocktail menus designed to pair and enjoy incredible dishes. Oil Guide about the best proposals of Japanese and Peruvian food chosen by its users.

The Sea Cebichería, Arévalo 2024, Palermo

La Cebichería Sea was chosen as the most faithful representative of Peruvian cuisine

La Mar Cebichería was chosen as the most faithful representative of Peruvian cuisine. From its space, La Mar proposes two different areas to enjoy its experience: the main living room – of modern design with warm pastel colors – in which the cebiche bar is the protagonist, in addition to having a large capacity of cutlery; and the patio is also a prominent space. As the name implies, the cebiches have a starring role in this restaurant, with six very personal and tasty varieties.

Olaya, Humboldt 1550, Palermo

Olaya is a prominent place and has also been part of the restaurants nominated by Guía Oleo in the category of Best Peruvian Cuisine. It is a very interesting option of fusion cuisine that combines Peruvian ingredients with elements of diverse origins: African, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Creole. Olaya offers a very well-decorated space, with modern architecture that tempts you to enter from its imposing stained-glass window.

La Causa Nikkei, Av. Callao 1290, Recoleta

The Causa completes the list of nominees for the Guide in the Peruvian Cuisine category. It is a Japanese-Peruvian fusion Nikkei space located in the heart of Recoleta. Its modern, simple and well-lit environment along with its neon sign that says “What is your cause?”, Invite you to live an incredible and challenging experience. Here you can eat sushi with its own varieties, different types of ceviche, tiraditos and basic dishes that are the maximum expression of this gastronomic fusion.

Osaka Palermo, Soler 5608, Palermo

Osaka has been chosen by the members of the Guide as the best in its category: Japanese Cuisine. As a Nikkei cuisine restaurant, with a modern style and creative and innovative imprint, it is present in seven countries in Latin America. In Buenos Aires, there is a seat in Palermo located in a typical restored neighborhood house to prolong the spirit of its original in Peru: guatambú, guayuvira and Fresno, stone and water, a soft light and a special musicalization. In Osaka, you can savor sushi, niguiris, tiraditos and cebiches, Ishiyakis, elaborations of Kobe cuts, duck magret, among other dishes.

Dashi, Fitz Roy 1613, Palermo

Dashi also integrates part of the nominees for Best Japanese Cuisine. It is a restaurant of Peruvian-Japanese Nikkei cuisine located in the area of the production companies in Palermo Hollywood. Within its specialties, Dashi proposes ceviches as well as different varieties of sushi. Its minimalist and sober decoration make the atmosphere sophisticated and modern at the same time. It is a good option to enjoy fusion dishes with friends, family or business meals.

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