The secret to enjoying Peruvian food without getting fat

The Peruvian cuisine is delicious, but not always the healthiest.

Follow the advice of nutritionist Adriana Carulla to consume the typical dishes without gaining extra kilos.

Chicken rice

If you are going to eat this dish, let the rice not exceed ¼ of the dish and the other ¼ that is the chicken portion. Add plenty of onion to provide valuable antioxidants for your heart, plus the vitamin C from the lemon and onion will help to better fix the chicken’s iron. For those who add salsa to huancaína, limit yourself to 2 tablespoons. Remember that it is not soup, it is the sauce.

Grilled chicken

It is inevitable and has a very good amount of protein. Limit the fries and in replacement, eat a lot of fresh salad. In addition to providing many vitamins and antioxidants, the fiber traps part of the chicken fat and prevents your body from absorbing it.


The anticuchos are low in calories and high in iron if you are going to eat them as an input limit the potatoes and corn since you will most likely eat them in your second. The more carbohydrates in your body, the easier it is for the excess of these to turn into fat.

tacu tacu

It is extremely healthy, rice and beans are complemented in amino acids to give a protein of better quality. It is better to avoid the egg and the banana since for nutritional purposes they are no longer necessary.

Chili pepper

Try not to eat it with rice, keep in mind that this dish already has bread, in addition to the base of potatoes on which the chili is served. If you think that this cereal is vital for your life and that it is impossible to do without it, serve a potato chop and a small portion of rice.

Kid Dry Beans

The beans are dry with delicious but very spicy. Remember that the meat should not exceed ¼ of the plate and the other ¼ should be of rice or vegetable stew. In short, half of your plate that is vegetables and the other half, the dry with beans and rice.


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